Today is Day 2 of Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. You can read more about the challenge here.

My stash is made up of a wide assortment of cloth! When I was pregnant with our first, a friend from high school gave me an entire set of FuzziBunz pocket diapers that she was no longer using for her son, and another friend gave me a few random diapers that she wasn’t using for her daughter. When Slaton was around 3-5 months old, I bought 3 Flip covers from Cotton Babies ($5.00 each – discontinued colors at a Black Friday sale online); and 4 pockets ($5.00 each), 1 hanging wet bag ($8.00), and 1 small zippered wet bag ($5.00) from FuzziBunz (clearance/seconds). Sometime after that, I added 10 flour sack towels from Walmart ($4.88 for a package of 5, I think), and a mama friend gave me her entire stash/hodgepodge of cloth diapers! (Minus a few that her toddler/5th baby was still wearing at night. She’s pretty awesome! You should check her out at Tales of a Kitchen Witch. 🙂 ) And last week I bought a pack of 10 FSTs from Walmart ($7.88).

1120141441k - around 2 and a half mos

2 1/2 months old <3

For the challenge, I’m using:

3 Flip covers ($15.00)

4 Thirsties covers from Joni (cost to me – $0.00, current price on Thirsties website – $12.00 ea)

17 FSTs from Walmart ($14.71 – I’m missing a few of the original set. They’re around here somewhere…)

My total cost – $29.71

Total cost if I’d purchased everything – around $77.71

Either way, not bad for enough diapers to diaper a baby from birth to potty training.

~ Jen