For anyone who may be interested, I’ve created a facebook page called “The Armed Arkansan”.  I’ll be posting content about firearm ownership and possession in the now permitless carry state of Arkansas.

Armed Arkansas sleeve yellow on black blurred

In addition to posts and articles about carrying a firearm in The Natural State, you can also pick up some decals or t-shirts to show that you are unashamed to be an Armed Arkansan.

We will be giving away an Armed Arkansan shirt like the one pictured on the left when our facebook page reaches 50 likes.  Visit The Armed Arkansan to enter to win.

You can also post your experiences with carrying a firearm whether open or concealed; or with a permit or without a permit.  We’d love to hear from you.

Stop by when you get a chance.  Click here to visit the page right now.

If you can’t wait to own one of these shirts, you can order one here at our online shop.  We print these shirts ourselves on quality shirts.  We also do custom orders if you want to message us for a quote.