Today is Day 7 of Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. You can read more about the challenge here.

What did I learn? I learned that handwashing diapers is really not that bad once you get started. Given another option, I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but it’s definitely doable if necessary. I learned that flats/covers are not that bad once you get started, either. They wash well, dry quickly, and cotton flats are easier to take care of than synthetic fibers. (I sort of knew all that in theory, but hadn’t really tested it.) They also seem less bulky on my little guy than pockets / microfiber inserts do, and we haven’t had the leaks with flats/covers that we’ve been having with pockets lately. I would definitely like to learn/practice some flat folds and try using flats/covers a little more when baby girl gets here.

I also learned that it is possible for me to write without overthinking and editing *too* much. Finding uninterrupted time to write is another story. (But I sort of knew that, too. Finding uninterrupted time for anything these days is difficult.)

A little late, but I finished! Yay!! (The challenge was actually last week, but I’m just now getting time to catch up with posts. I’m posting on the correct days though, to keep everything in order. Scroll down to check out Days 1-6.)

~ Jen